Learn About Remedies

Gardening, running half marathons, and dropping it like it's hot at your cousin's wedding are sure fire ways to have your body aching. These are the moments that Miller's Muscle Relief was made for.

RICE 24-48 hours after the injury

Rest the affected area
Ice the area to reduce swelling**
Compression or loosely wrapping the area will help decrease the swelling
Elevating the injury above the level of your heart will minimize swelling
*(apply cold therapy for 20 minutes. Remove it for 10 minutes and then reapply)

Please make sure you speak to your doctor before use if you have redness over an affected area or if you have questions about relieving your pain. Always consult your doctor before starting or changing any exercise regimen.


Minor Knee Pain Relief

  • Instead of regular exercise try water exercises to reduce the pressure on joints
  • Strengthen your muscles to support your knees and reduce body weight with exercise
  • Wear a knee brace or sleeve to reduce joint pain and stiffness
  • Alternative therapies like acupuncture could be beneficial
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Avoid Minor Knee Pain

  • Wear knee guards during sporting events.

Minor Back Pain Relief

  • Get moving gently
  • Exercise in warm water
  • Try low impact yoga
  • Set up your desk for better ergonomics
  • Alternative therapies such as massage, acupuncture, or chiropractic care could be beneficial

Avoid Minor Back Pain

  • Stretch and warm up before physical activities
  • Maintain proper posture while sitting and standing
  • Wear comfortable low heeled shoes that fit correctly
  • Ask for help and support while lifting heavy objects
  • Maintain a healthy weight for your body type

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Minor Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Sleep with a better pillow that supports your neck
  • Improve your posture 
  • Get moving slowly
  • Use and ice pack or heating pad to soother neck and shoulder pain

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Avoid Minor Neck and Shoulder Pain

  • Maintain a strong and balanced posture
  • Take short breaks from sitting to stretch
  • Warm up before working out